What does the coal ban mean for me?

Goverment plans to improve air quality

The Government wants to clean up the air we breathe.

To do this they are going to phase out the burning of "Dirty" fuels such as House Coal, Wet Wood and Coal Ovoids with lots of sulphur, replacing them with "Clean" fuels such as Approved Smokeless Coal and Ready to Burn Kiln Dried Logs 

But don't worry!

You can keep on buying house coal supplied in open sacks by CPL until 2023, and we'll make sure to help you switch into an appropriate "Clean" fuel when the time is right. 

Want to make the switch sooner?

You don't need to wait. CPL has a wide range of clean fuels for you to choose from, to suit every type of appliance and setting. Follow these links to Smokeless Fuel or Kiln Dried Logs to find the product for you. 

CPL can help!

As the UK's largest manufacturer and distributer of smokeless fuels, CPL has developed a range of cleaner fuels that mimic the look and feel of a coal fire. 

No need to stop burning, it's all about switching to cleaner fuels!

Our video below explains everything you need to know about the ban. Please note the video mentions the ban comes into place on February 2021 but this is now changed to May 1st 2021.

The good news is there is no need to stop burning any of the range of Homefire products. Find out more below.


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