Hardwood versus softwood

For the majority of fuel burners, hardwood logs would be the best choice. This is because they are much denser and therefore produce more heat and last longer. However, softwood does light more easily making it better for kindling.

Which hardwood?

When it comes to finding the best wood to burn on your open fire or multi-fuel stove, there’s plenty to choose from, each with their own qualities. However, we’d particularly recommend ash, birch and oak due to their lengthy burn time.

Ash – reckoned by many to be one of best woods for burning, ash produces excellent heat, a nice flame and it lasts reasonably well. Can be burnt when green, but much better when seasoned

Birch – produces good heat output but does burn quickly. It can be burnt unseasoned, however, the sap can cause deposits to form in your flue overtime. Best mixed with other slower burning logs such as elm, ash or oak.

Oak – produces an excellent long-lasting heat, however it must be seasoned for a long time – at least two years

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